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See the Person You're Talking To With an ACN Video Phone, you are able to see the person you are talking to in real time. Talking on a video phone is as easy as using a traditional phone.;Project Conversations to an External Screen Connect the IRIS 3000 Videophone to a computer or TV and project what is on the video phone onto the larger screen.;Video Mail Leave a video greeting for callers when you're unavailable and they can leave a video message for you. Access the messages from your phone or your computer from anywhere in the world. Or use a standard phone to hear the audio portion of the message.;Digital Photo Frame The ACN IRIS 3000 allows you to upload photos from your computer or camera, then serves as a cherished photo album. By inserting a SD Card or USB Drive, you can display photos on your video phone.;Enhanced Phonebook Store up to 300 contacts on your IRIS 3000 and search by name or phone number. You can also add photos of your contacts by inserting a SD Card or USB Drive into the video phone
                                     Please call  Kassan  514 601 5260

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$240 only 2 in stock!

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