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Strikes At the Heart Of The Beast William Mount

Pres Trump Strikes At The Heart Of The Beast

PRES Trump Overturns Entire Left in 3 days - Strikes a Mortal Blow on the Beast.

The entire group of Satanic NAZI Left Wing Nuts are now being overturned.

After Donald Trump was elected he began work immediately on how to over turn what the left had done to America.

As you recall - Hillary was supposed to destroy all Boarders leading into America within 100 days and increase the Welfare Roll to the point where the entire American Economy Collapsed

The Cloward Piven Model - as set forth by the NAZI Regime running the nation way back in the mid-1960’s -  Was Implemented to destroy America from within through Deficits and welfare payments. This model was Firmly put in place by President Johnson with what is called “Chain Immigration” - bringing in millions of Immigrants and placing them on Welfare and entering a period of Permanent War.

Today this ends with the resignation of the people who have been in charge of this plan under USC 5, Sec 101-105 - the Senior Management or the US State Department. Here, more than any other Department, these managers have been carrying out their plan to destroy America and create a Massive Nuclear War.

As an Ambassador we have been keenly aware of this and have tried many times to stop these Satanic NAZI Pigs at the top by exposing them but no one seemed to care. 

Treason was the call of the day.

Destroy America we were told over and over again - from the CIA to the State Department. They wanted Nuclear War. Period.

They were utterly insane and suicidal.

No more.

Finally - Kennedy and his Cronies like John Kerry #2 are gone - never to return to the US State Department again and likely to leave the nation because of the treason they have committed.

It is the State Department that has blocked the fence between Mexico and the US and it is the State Department that releases Illegal Alien Murders form prisons after they have murdered again and again here in America. 

These State Department Traitors and Murders like Gregory Starr - assistant Secretary Of State for Diplomatic Security - are running out of the country just as fast as their 2 legs can carry them.

Be assured that these American Traitors and Murders will be hunted down like the NAZI Rats that they are - either by the US or by Chinese and Russian intelligence.

As for President Nieto of Mexico refusing to meet with President Trump next Tuesday - he will soon be replaced. It is over for these Left Wing NAZI Freaks.

It is so over for these NAZIs in the US State Department that in the Russian State of Chechnya where the US State Department tried to create a Revolution in Russia, The Chinese are now training with Russian Special Forces in the area the US had sent weapons through into mosques in the region.

In other news President Trump is now ordering investigations into Voter Fraud.

All of those who are on camera committing Voter Fraud will now be charged, tried and convicted and, more than likely, spend the rest of their days in Prison in some sort of Work Camp.

You are not supposed to remember  the following stories:

1) You Tube: Democrats Busted On Camera Stuffing Ballot Boxes

2) FBI Investigating More Dead People Voting In the Key Swing State Of Virginia.

There were hundreds of others.

Those Governors and Secretaries of States who allowed these votes are now put on notice: You will be dealt with for your Voter Fraud ever so harshly.

There are changes coming so be ready and pray that your family is ready for them.

This is why we sponsor Food For Liberty and Get The Tea - to not only prepare your family for what is coming but to teach us how to cut our costs by eating well and avoiding being sick and seeing the doctor.
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