5D optical data storage memory crystal is capable of storing up to 360/ terabytes
5D optical data storage (sometimes known as Superman memory crystal[1]) is a nanostructured glass for permanently recording 5-D digital data[2] using femtosecond laser writing process.[3] The memory crystal is capable of storing up to 360 terabytes worth of data[4][5] for billions of years.[6][7][8][9] The concept was experimentally demonstrated in 2013.[10][11][12] As of 2018 the technology is in production use by the Arch Mission Foundation; its first and second discs were given to Elon Musk, one disc is in his personal library and the other placed aboard the Tesla Roadster in space.[13]

One-inch glass disks are now able to store 360 terabytes of data, facts and figures being encoded in tiny nanostructures onto the surface of the glass. University of Southampton professor predicts the commercialising of the disk in the not too distant future.

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5-Dimensional Data Storage

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