Assault On HUMANITY by the Committee of 300
  The United States is a private corporation owned by the British Crown (Rothchilds), the Bank of England (Rothchilds) and the Vatican (Rothchilds again). Dr.John Coleman The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations : shaping the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic decline of the United States of America (d ) John Coleman est un auteur de théories du complot britannique et un ancien membre du Secret Intelligence Service [réf].

Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 - 9 Baron De Hirsh Fund.Battelle Memorial Institute.Berger National Foundation.Berlin Center for Future Research.Bilderbergers.Black Order.Boycott Japanese Goods Conference.British Newfoundland Corporation.British Royal Society.Brotherhood of Cooperative Commonwealth.Bureau of International Revolutionary Propaganda. David Sassoon Company.De Beers Consolidated Mines.Democratic League of Brussels. Garland Fund.German Marshall Fund.Governing Body of the Israelite Religious Community.Gulf South Research Institute.           
    If you look at the economy, the U.S. economy, in terms of per-capita terms, in terms of other considerations, has been on
    the descent, ever since the beginning of the war in Indo-China. And it started really as a result of John F. Kennedy being            assassinated.
                                                                                                                                                                    Lyndon LaRouche

Wake up America! - Dr. John Coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300)

 It was previously called the Virginia Company until 3/9/33 when it was dissolved by Roosevelt under the Emergency Banking Act. On 5/5/33 Congress elected to dissolve the Gold Standard and Sovereign Authority of the U.S. and all of its official capacities including government offices, departments and officers. The U.S. is a corporation, not a nation. The Federal Reserve is neither Federal, nor a Reserve. It is a private counterfeiting organization run by Jewish bankers who lend the money they print out of thin air at interest while we keep on paying these criminals to fleece the People. 

Dr. John Coleman, being a historian in intelligence community, researched in full scope the sinister forces behind the New world order movement. This video lecture represents a culmination of his findings about secret societies which form this global movement and how it came into existence. 

Synthetic Biology Assault On Humanity - Elana Freeland

Microwaves / Ionising Radiation / WI-FI Effects - Dr Barrie Trower

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