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You are watching a very unique Bitcoin technical analysis. It use Fibonacci ratios + support/resistance to find the best zones
 to enter and exit the market. Here's what to know when looking at the charts:

- Green and red rectangles are BUY and SELL area. These are the areas where the momentum has shifted enough to give

  us upside/downside potential great enough to consider buying or selling Bitcoin.
- Yellow circles are what I call "Critizal zones". These areas are perfect for day traders because the odds of seeing a big price      move from there is great. Getting into a trade in these zones with a low risk and high reward ratio is a good idea.

   Bitcoin is skyrocketing right now ! We had a look behind the scenes of bitcoin, bitcoin miners and other cryptocurrencies.

Live BITCOIN Trading                  Canadian Bitcoins



The TRUTH about BITCOIN 2019 !

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