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DesmondBiological Warfare(BW)—also known as germ warfare-ATTACK

Biological warfare (BW)—also known as germ warfare—is the use of biological toxins or infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi with the intent to kill or incapacitate humans, animals or plants as an act of war. Biological weapons (often termed "bio-weapons", "biological threat agents", or "bio-agents") are living organisms or replicating entities (viruses, which are not universally considered "alive") that reproduce or replicate within their host victims. Entomological (insect) warfare is also considered a type of biological weapon.

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 FLU - Biological Warfare ATTACK!

The Self proclaimed ELITE FEAR this Information, Black Nobility, Jesuits & More

The secret inside your cellphone (CBC Marketplace)

Slow Kill Agenda Rages On. Gates, Rothchildes and Rockefellers.
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Creature Form The Black Lagoon's Revenge
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