CIA Agent Spills Beans on Energy Weapons!
Are they serving the public?
An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also a transient electromagnetic disturbance (TED), is a brief burst of electromagnetic energy. Depending upon the source, the origin of an EMP can be natural or artificial, and can occur as an electromagnetic field, as an electric field, as a magnetic field, or as a conducted electric current. The electromagnetic interference caused by an EMP disrupts communications and damages electronic equipment; at higher levels of energy, an EMP such as a lightning strike can physically damage objects such as buildings and aircraft. The management of EMP effects is a branch of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) engineering.

EMP weapons are designed to deliver the damaging effects of a high-energy EMP that will disrupt unprotected infrastructure in the country,[1] thus the employment of an EMP weapon against a country is the scenario of war most likely to collapse the functionality of the electrical network of the country.

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Experts: Former CIA agent victim of microwave weapon in Moscow

                                             Jordan Maxwell - The Plan To Take Down The Illuminati
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