CIK Telecom Terrible Customer Service
Canadians are  NOT  big fans of  Cik Telecom “24/7 Live Customer Service.” 
Cik Telecom exclusively hires foreign workers from agencies as they route their calls via VoIP from Canada to  India or Morocco  to do technical / customer support overseas, despite the language barrier being a headache to most English Canadians. 
Cik Telecom have some of the most poorly spoken English Customer Servicagents in the entire Internet industry of Canada. 
Customer Service agents of Cik Telecom are not proficient in spoken English, we as English Canadian customers have to constantly repeat ourselves several times to make them understand us. Customer Service agents of Cik Telecom there English is not very clear, you'll end up asking them to repeat themselves several times, or they will ask you to repeat yourself over and over!  
After spending time on the phone with Customer Service for several minutes due to the difficulties in language communication they seem to get very aggravated at all of this so they put you on hold and then transfer you to a supervisor!  
Cik Telecom supervisors even there English is not very clear. You might have to repeat yourself a few times! 
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