Cartoon predicts future more than 60 years ago amazing.
Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo is an Author and Activist living in Savannah, Georgia
Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo is a modern day renaissance man. He is a documentarian, doctor, author, artist and activist living in Savannah, Georgia. He is obsessed with his pets and shares his home with 2 dogs, Raja and Marcie, and 5 cats. Raja spends his days barking at squirrels and begging for beef jerky.

I Wanted to Introduce Myself. My Name is Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo

I run a variety YouTube channel that revolves around different freedom issues. I mainly focus on food freedom, health freedom and life freedom. I was born with distain for authority and people telling me how to live my life. I realized the government is like an ex-wife who keeps taking my money and telling me I am living all wrong. Please check out some of my YouTube stories and see what you think. I currently have almost 9,000,000 views and 25,000 subscribers. I would love to start moving more content to a liberty friendly platform instead of supporting the machine. I am really hoping Steem takes off and this could be a great place for free thinking ideas.

                                                                          Meekness-induced prejudices have no place in the society of thinking humanity. 
                                                                                                                                                       Abhijit Naskar

Cartoon predicts the future more than 60 years ago. This is amazing insight!

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