Conrad Pitre & fils racism and discrimination
Ferme Conrad Pitre & fils is racist and discriminatory towards people of color and anglophones..Fruit and Vegetables "fruits et légumes" (138 Atwater Avenue, Montréal, Québec H4C 2H6) & (282 boul Saint-Jean-Baptiste Mercier, Quebec J6R 2B6)

Quote:on Facebook credit goes to = Bilal Butt 

Racist or just rude?! As a visible minority, I've experienced this kind of unfair treatment before, but never s
hared it. I grew up in Chateauguay and our family used to buy from the local farms in Mercier, including this guy.. that is until I visited his Atwater Market stand yesterday. All the other vendors were so friendly and welcoming as they usually are, but as I walked up to 2-metre distanced line in front to purchase what looked like the best tomatoes I'd seen that day, I was yelled at..
(No "Bonjour", no "Bienvenue".. I could tell he didn't like me already. So, I acknowledged with a wave and stood there waiting my turn. He was serving an elderly lady WITHOUT a mask on at this point, hovering over her. Luckily, she was wearing a mask as I was of course! I proceed to look at the tomatoes on the shelf next to me.. with my eyes, no touching. He yells at me more sternly..)
Me: (shocked and insulted) "Excusez moi monsieur, mais je suis seulement en attente ici, alors c'est quoi le problème? Est ce que j'ai fais quelque chose de mal?"
Man in Blue Hat: (Purposely ignores me while mumbling to himself. I can't make out what he's saying, but it's not positive and his co-worker (I assumed was his son, but not confirmed) is standing there watching the whole thing go down, but remains silent. No intervention or explanation from him.)
Me: "Monsieur, pourquoi est que vous ne me respondez pas? Est ce que c'est parce je suis brun ou anglophone?"
(Yes, I just flat out ask people now! Are you a racist? I figure, if it's just a misunderstanding, they'll jump to their own defense, should that not be the case. Silence = affirmation!)
Man in Blue Hat: (Completely ignores me again, walks right PAST ME to the older white gentleman in line behind me and says in a calm and welcoming voice..) "Oui monsieur, qu'est ce que je peux faire pour vous aujourd'hui?"
At this point I feel like I've been a victim of racism. Am I? It feels strange to even have to question yourself. I should've confronted him further, but I just walked away. Enfuriated, frustrated, disappointed.. especially that this is happening in downtown Montreal, in broad daylight with witnesses. People saw it happen, but not even the white man behind me who he skipped over me to serve, nor his 30-ish year old coworker said shit about it and THAT is the problem. As I replay the moment, I keep trying to sympathize with him because that's who I am. Maybe he just got some bad news or had a bad week! I can understand and respect that. But, the way he looked at me and the way he treated me felt totally different. I'm sadened that this unnecessary hatred still exists in our society.. mostly based on fear, insecurity and major miseducation. I was meant to feel like an outcast and like I was in the wrong. Even if this wasn't a case of racism, it was by far the worst customer service I had experienced anywhere in recent memory! 😔
Be kind to one another and we can all get along! 🍅🙏🏽


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