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Corel was founded by Michael Cowpland in 1985 as a research laboratory
Corel Corporation (/kəˈrɛl/ kə-REL; from the abbreviation "Cowpland Research Laboratory") is a Canadian software company headquartered in OttawaOntario, specializing in graphics processing. It is known for producing software titles such as CorelDRAW, and for acquiring AfterShot ProPaintShop ProPainterVideo Studio and WordPerfect.

Corel was founded by Michael Cowpland in 1985 as a research laboratory. Michael Cowpland was CEO of Mitel. Mitel needed writing and creative design programs to enhance the company product line. Corel products were born. Additional products were added. The company had great success early in the high-tech boom of the 1990s and early 2000s with the product CorelDRAW, and became, for a time, the biggest software company in Canada. In 1996, it acquired Novell WordPerfect and started competing with the thought of being "Pepsi to Microsoft's Coke" as Microsoft Word was the top-used word processing software at the time. Corel was in a difficult position as Microsoft pushed pre-loaded copies of its software onto new computers. This mainly consisted of Microsoft Works office applications, but a variant called Works Suite also bundled the Microsoft Word software.,2817,2330787,00.asp

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