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MarkD Link Dir 825 Port forwarding/Virtual Server does not work at all

We are all here  because  open ports on our D-Link DIR-825 is not working.  PORT FORWARDING | VIRTUAL SERVERS | DMZ    the 3 of them aren't working. 
We will fix this problem now  Smile

Please make sure to have the latest D-Link DIR-825 firmware installed. 
Hardware Version:B1 
Firmware Version: 2.09NA
For 3rd party dd wrt make sure to have the latest dd wrt firmware installed.
My cable Modem has no affect on blocking any ports.  (call your iisp if your not sure)
My internet provider has no affect on blocking any ports. (call your iisp if your not sure)
My windows 7  firewall settings are enabled for these specific ports. 
I have a Tenda router and my ports are working . 
I have also  linksys router and ports are working fine. 
You have to create a static IP  inside the D-Link DIR-825  for  the server: ........Network Settings  --> Add DHCP Reservation--> select  "Computer Name"  IP  of the server and  then select enable and make sure  to save at the top.
Go to advanced --> Firewall Settings --> 
Enable SPI  uncheck
UDP Endpoint Filtering: select Endpoint Independent 
TCP Endpoint Filtering: select Endpoint Independent 
Enable anti-spoof checking: uncheck
Save and reboot......
Right after it reboots  please make sure to unplug the router for 5 seconds and plug back into the router so that everything will work afterwards
PORT FORWARDING | VIRTUAL SERVERS | DMZ  should now work  100% by properly selecting the right ports also selecting  "Computer Name "   the static IP that your server is on remember to save and let it reboot.

Enjoy  Smile

If you have any questions (whatsoever), please register and reply to me below

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