David Icke Alien/Reptilian/UFO Encounter Story -Credo Mutwa
Destroy Africa and the rest will fall
Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa /ˈkreɪdoʊ ˈmʊtwə/ (21 July 1921 – 25 March 2020) was a Zulu sangoma (traditional healer) from South Africa. He was known as an author of books that draw upon African mythology, traditional Zulu folkloreextraterrestrial encounters and his own personal encounters. His last work was a graphic novel called the Tree of Life Trilogy based on his writings of his most famous book, Indaba my Children. In 2018 he was honoured with an USIBA award presented by the South African Department of Arts and Culture, for his work in Indigenous Wisdom.

Credo called himself a sanusi (common spelling isanuse) which is a type of Zulu diviner or sangoma. The term stems from a more historic time and is not widely used today, even in a traditional setting.

Credo lived with his wife Virginia in Kuruman, where they ran a hospice clinic.

David Icke Alien/Reptilian/UFO Encounter Story, One of the most fascinating alien encounter stories to date. The story ties in history from the African Zulu's as well as 2000 year old artifacts claimed to be relics from the encounters.

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