UZEB is a jazz fusion band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, who were active from 1976 to 1992, and reunited in November 2016. The members are Alain Caron (bass guitar), Michel Cusson (guitar), and Paul Brochu (drums). The band won a number of Canadian awards during the 1980s.By 1989, international sales of UZEB's first eight recordings had exceeded 200,000 units, which the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada calls "an unprecedented figure for a Canadian jazz group".

UZEB was formed in 1976 in Drummondville, Quebec, when guitarist Michel Cusson and bassist Alain Caron started a jazz duo. The band originally named itself Eusèbe Jazz, their first concert (in Acton Vale, QC) being on the birthday of St-Eusèbe. This name was later shortened to UZEB. The band soon moved to Montreal. Drummer Paul Brochu joined Cusson and Caron in 1978. Until 1987, the band included a keyboardist: first Jean St-Jacques, followed by Stephan Montanaro (featured on the album Live in Bracknell), Sylvain Coutu, and then Michel Cyr. In the 1980s, UZEB had what was then a very technologically advanced MIDI system for its synthesizers.


                                                                                                         The medicine of the future will be music and sound.
                                                                                                                                                                Edgar Cayce

Uzeb - New Hit (Live)




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