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                      Facebook Auto Trader Review – FRAUDULENT!

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By Paul C. | August 5, 2017


Facebook Trader (aka Facebook Auto Trader) is an illegal trading scam we cannot ignore. Todays review is highly important because it contains all the evidence needed to prove this app is dangerous. A fake trading app designed to manipulate rookie traders and leave you empty-handed.
We found several alarming factors and scamming variable while researching FacebookTrader.com by John Thompson. In fact, everything about this trading software is fabricated and false. Day-traders need to understand the potential dangers awaiting anyone who “invests” with this scam
There are so many different kinds of fraudulent scams our team is constantly fighting agains. But Facebook Traders takes to whole new level of deception.
We strongly advise all traders thinking about joining with Facebook Trader App first read our review to its end. Learn about new evidence proving this software is a phony money stealing scheme. Learn the truths these filthy scammers don’t want traders knowing.

The Facebook Auto Trader Software is a shady program disguised by the worlds largest social platform every created. What I mean is, these scam-artists have take a world-renown name for disguising their fraud trading system to appear legitimate.

Facebook has become a social media sensation, and yes people all over the world have made money through its services. But DONT think for a moment Facebook Trader will make you rich.

From a legal standpoint, I won’t be surprised if & when the Facebook Trader app is shut down for possible copyright infringement. Using the “Facebook” for exploiting an online scheme will certainly catch the attention from authorities very soon.

Lets be perfectly clear these social giants would never associate themselves with an online trading scam such as Facebook Trader. Why would they? That would be ridiculous.

So lets look more closely into Facebook Trader and ask critical question which will expose their illegitimate ways.

Who Created Facebook Trader Scam?

According to their introductory videos, a many named John Thompson is the CEO & Leading Developer of Facebook Auto Trader. If you ask me, I personally think his name is fake and sounds made up.

Here’s the problem I have with Mr Thompson. Notice how trades are never shown any live footage about John’s physical appearance. No introductions or visual aids to help verify his identity.

In efforts to verify his credentials, we found no supporting verifications or profiles throughout any forms of media to confirm who he is, not his alleged achievements within the industry. This is very strange.

So how can validate Facebook Trader and its creators? We can’t. But we can prove John Thompson is Fake!

Facebook Trader uses Fake Profiles

The Facebook Auto Trader website contains a small section where you can “meet the team”. The people supposedly responsible for operating and running this bogus trading app.

Unfortunately for these idiots, it’s confirmed without a doubt these images used to represent Facebook Trader members and operators (Including John Thompson) are Stock Photos. For the images provided, these picture are widely used within other sites unrelated to Facebook Auto Trader.

This is no surprise. Nearly every scam you can imagine either creates fake aliases or keeps quiet altogether in efforts to maintain anonymous as these criminals profit from your losses. No once throughout Facebook Trader are visitors provided any valid information for giving an understanding as to who created this app. 

Remember transparency is important when you’re about to “invest” your money. Traders should fee comfortable & safe in their decisions. Yet their level of mysteriousness surrounding Facebook Auto Trader simply beckons more concerns than approval.

Fake Facebook Trader Reviews

At this point, fake reviews & testimonials from non-existent members is no surprise either. Nowhere will anyone find positive review about the Facebook Trader App. Unless you look within the Facebook Auto Trader website.

What a strange “coincidence” and pathetic attempt from these scammers to place bogus reviews & profiles within there own scam. A desperate attempt for making Facebook Auto Trader look successful.

These images and social profiles actually don’t belong to anyone. Don’t believe us? Go on Facebook and search them yourselves. You won’t find them. Isn’t it strange a social trading software like Facebook Trader contains falsified social profiles. Thats what we call Ironic!

Facebook Trader keeps Failing

Its sad to learn many innocent traders have already fallen for this sloppy trading scam. In fact, the only authentic feedback we’ve found from actual users come from disgruntled members who’ve lost their money.

But its important to share these horror stories with you to help prevent further victims. Another way we confirmed Facebook Trader is lying about their own testimonials is by pointing out the dates from these alleged posts. They’re dated from a year ago. However the Facebook Trader software was released a week ago.

Illegal Activities by ‘Facebook Auto Trader’

Its only a matter of time until the F Trader is permanently shut down due to potential copyright infringements. But in the mean time, its imperative to warn as many traders possible for your protection.

We take pleasure in debunking these terrible scams, and hope todays Facebook Trader Review was helpful enough to clarify any doubts. And most importantly save you from a regrettable financial mistake.

Facebook Trader Review – Summary & Safer Tips
Finalized Review Verdict: There’s no question about it, Facebook Trader Scam will steal your money. A typical online scheme destined to drain your account without producing any profitable results. Use caution!

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