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MarkFacebook garage sale is one of the highest of scammers

2018 (Montreal Quebec) There Are Many Reasons Not To Buy On Garage Sales or Engage With Scammers, No Matter If Your Facebook Friends Mention You Or If You Get Notified By Updates Of New Items!

Many of you have forwarded details to me about the high increase of Garage Sale scammers. In some cases, I have reported items myself to facebook with attached photo shots, and in other cases, I've passed along links to the Garage Sale page who is allowing the scammingThe admins of a garage page censors (when you call out a scammer) to there liking I'm aware everyone who confronts scammers on Garage Sale that get banned! Stay Far Away From Garage Sale AVOID UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SCAMMED!!! 

Example: "Computer/Laptop" when buying it second hand off someone means your most likely getting something that is obsolete and on it's last leg ready to die and parts maybe hard to get or find. Someone who paid 1000$ 3 years ago, today is only worth 50$ maximum! An untold truth is that the lifespan on the average desktop/laptop is (within 2 to 5 years). The hardware components put into all electronic equipment in the last 6 years is not made to lasts, because they are now using cheaply manufactured parts and it's only getting worse.

Boycott Garage Sale & Continue To report Post & Facebook Page as Scam.

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