Allowing fraudulent activity
These 2 phone number are owned and operated through (Phone: 437-886-8450 & 437-886-3961) you can find both these numbers on us &

Take both these Canadian numbers from up above and put them into this website to verify the carrier of the telephone line

Both telephone numbers mentioned above that are owned by are practicing fraudlent trading. Canadian customers are lured into fraudlent credit card transactions.

The police and fraud department of  Canada have been notified of all illegal activites occuring through both phone numbers. website it mentions clearly that they don't accept any harrasing or fradulent activity through their phone numbers and here is the proof.

 So I informed with a full police report that those 2 phone numbers are doing fraudlent actvity. Here is the responce from 

  are oblivious to my plight therefore Canadians should be fully aware of these illegal activities coming from this phone carrier.
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#2 are the owners of & so why not boycott all 3 companies and encourage other Canadians to do the same?
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