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[Financial]-Telson Resources: Better than Break Even Bulk Sampling

Telson Resources: Better than Break Even Bulk Sampling

Mining the bulk sample itself was straightforward. “We went into the side of the mountain with a new underground 5 x 5 meter development at the El Creston Zone. The size of the portal allowed us to extract the ore with a scoop tram driving it out to stockpile on the portal patio.” said Shearing “Then we loaded it into dump trucks and trucked it 270 km to the toll mill. This trucking added considerable cost to the process however, in spite of this, we did better than anticipated. We were planning to break even.”

Telson reported cash receipts of USD $1,470,499.00 from the sale of the concentrates produced from its bulk sample. The 3500 tonnes of ore produced 201 Tonnes of Lead and 259 Tonnes of Zinc Concentrates which contained 27.9 kg of gold and 192.6 kg of silver.
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