Flu Intesified Vaccine and Corresponding Remedial Duties/Google wont tell you this!
Many have argued that that it is morally wrong to benefit from an agent's culpable wronging of a third party. This thought has formed the basis of some arguments that agents can have duties to make up for wrongful acts by others that they could not have stopped, or that occurred before they were born. For example, it has been argued that those who benefited from slavery, colonialism and other shameful events in their nation's history should surrender those benefits, their equivalent value, or provide other forms of redress. Some have also argued that it is morally wrong to benefit from unjust situations caused by third parties even where there is no culpable element.


Google Won't Tell You This!


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Depopulation Agenda, the Flu & Intesified Chemtrail Vaccine Spraying Worldwide
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