Former barrister Michael Shrimpton WW2 Origins of the EU [intelligence specialist]
Michael Shrimpton (born 9 March 1957[1]) is a former English barrister, former part-time immigration judge, and politician noted for his conspiracy theories and hoaxes. A self-described "national security and intelligence specialist", Shrimpton was convicted in 2014 for falsely reporting that Germany was planning a nuclear attack on the 2012 Summer Olympics. Shrimpton studied at University College, Cardiff (now Cardiff University)[2] and was called to the Bar by Gray's Inn in November 1983.[3] He practised law as a barrister and sat as a part-time immigration judge.[4][5]

In 1998, Shrimpton chaired the Rolls-Royce Action Committee and Crewe Motors, two failed attempts to buy the British car manufacturer Rolls-Royce Motors from Vickers; the sale was made to Volkswagen.[6][7]
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Michael Shrimpton WW2 Origins of the EU

 Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath (and others)
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