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British R&B and funk band
Gonzalez were a British R&B and funk band. They became well known as a backing band for touring R&B, funk and soul stars. Their eponymous album was released in 1974 and they recorded a total of six albums before disbanding in 1986 and are best known for their 1979 single success with their worldwide disco hit, "Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet".

The original band was formed by Godfrey McLean and Bobby Tench from Gass in 1970 and included other members of that band, with the line-up of Tench as vocalist and guitarist, drummer Godfrey McLean, bassist Delisle Harper and percussionist Lennox Langton. At the end of May 1970, Tench left Gonzalez to become a member of The Jeff Beck Group and the band formed a new core membership, with saxophonists Michael "Mick" Eve, Chris Mercer, Steve Gregory, Geoffrey "Bud" Beadle, keyboardist Roy Davies and guitarist Gordon Hunte. Later George Chandler, Glen LeFleur, Cliff Lake and Delisle Harper were included whilst simultaneously members of Olympic Runners. Session guitarist Cliff Lake went on to appeared with other artists such as Doris Troy, Edwin Starr, Chris Rea etc. and is said to be poised to make a comeback as a singer songwriter. Vocalist Lenny Zakatek joined in 1974 and they released their first album Gonzalez (1974), which featured a heavy funk sound. This album was Queen's bassist John Deacon favourite band in the mid 1970s. Our Only Weapon is Our Music (1975) followed, released on EMI's sister label, Capitol.
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Gonzalez "Got My Eye On You" / Funk

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