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Harald Konstantin Seiz ( Greek Χάραλντ Κωνσταντίνος Σάιτζ, born 1963 in Calw, Baden-Württemberg )  is a German entrepreneur , speaker and author on the subject of finance . Seiz, whose father is Greek, began his entrepreneurial career as a vacuum cleaner salesman. In 2011 Seiz founded the company Karatbars International GmbH based in Stuttgart. With the KaratGold Coin, Seiz has created one of the first crypto currencies whose value is linked to the price of gold.  Parallel to his entrepreneurial occupation with cryptocurrencies, Seiz is an advocate of the sustainability of gold as a means of payment.

In 2015, Seiz traveled with a political delegation led by Lothar de Maizière and Joschka Fischer to the southern Chinese province of Guangdong to present his company to the responsible bodies there. In the same year Seiz senator of the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA). 

In 2019, the public prosecutor's office initiated an investigation against Seiz on suspicion of commercial fraud in connection with the two cryptocurrencies he had issued. The BaFin prohibited the continuation of the business in November 2019 and ordered the reversal of the crypto currencies. 

In 2020 he looked for his Greek father and his Greek origins on the Greek program Γράμμα για σ Herkunftνα . There he met his two brothers Fotis and Konstantinos, with whom (also with his third brother Grigoris, who did not want to appear on TV) he spent two days after the show. 

Karatbars International also has licensing agreements with several top corporations, including the Vatican. The Vatican, which has one of the strictest policies involving the licensing of their name and images, was so impressed with the operation of Karatbars International, that it officially licensed the image of Pope John Paul II to be printed on specialty Karatbar cards. This was indeed an honor for Karatbars International, and proof positive of the upstanding validity of the company.,und%20Buchautor%20zum%20Thema%20Finanzwesen.
                                                                                                                                             All that glisters is not gold
                                                                                                                                                     William Shakespeare

   The FMA NZ has issued an advisory Notice




  Interview with Harald Seiz and Josip Heit Karatbars and Gold Standard stores 1 4 tonnes of gold


G999: Sophia Thomalla, Josip Heit and the GSB Gold Standard Banking


 Introducing The G999 Card


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