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Helmholtz Torus UFO Technology Ferrofluid Rotor~3dload*Journal of Physics
Helmholtz  Tore  Torus  UFO  OVNI  Technology  Technologie  Ferrofluid  Ferrofluide  Rotor  Motor  Magnetic  field  Magnet  Coil  Free  energy  Energie  libre  3DL  3DLPROD  3D  C4D  Cinema  4D

                                               I think technology really increased human ability. But technology cannot produce compassion.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Dalai Lama

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         Inside Real Extraterrestrial Alien UFO Saucer Spaceship. See How It Defies Gravity, Space & Time
Igor Kryan
Extraterrestrial Alien UFOs. They seem to defy logic and physics laws. Appear out of nowhere and disappear into thin air, make impossible turns, travel faster than light, shape shift, defy gravity, time and space. Today we will take you inside UFO and explain you how they work.
DARPA scientists had alien UFO engine in their possession for at least 50 years stored in Sandia Lab in New Mexico. Finally, they were able to explain how it works and even make a crude copy. What I tell you is very highly classified - even President Of United States does not have clearance to asses it.
First of all, I will try to explain as simple as I can since full understanding requires studying of post Doctorate physics. Second of all, it's like nowadays Columbus would travel to Indians on nuclear submarine and Indians would try to copy it. Yet they did. The most important thing to remember - the whole engine is powered Liquid Metallic Hydrogen. To be liquid at room temperature metallic hydrogen has to be under 4,000,000 atm pressure. Only then hydrogen atoms would display metallic properties, losing hold over their electrons.
Such pressure is not possible to achieve even for alien technology so they used Pulsed lasers superheating to get hydrogen in metallic state under only 250,000 atm. Scientists from secret DARPA branch at Z Pulsed Power Facility (known as Z machine) build this device in 2015 in Sandia's lab in New Mexico copying alien engine and since than it was the best kept government secret.
Officially, they said they work on atomic metallic hydrogen that could be used as the most powerful chemical rocket fuel, as the atoms recombine to form molecular hydrogen. Which is true. It has 5 times more Exhaust Velocity then any kind of Chemical Rocket that could outperform Nuclear rocket as well.
But it gets stranger. Superconductor metallic hydrogen fluid also is in quantum state. Quantum state fluid theoretically isolate the whole system from its surroundings and known to generate super currents within in. Such fluid has highly unusual reactions to external magnetic fields and rotations. In other words, it can bent space and time around like a miniature black hole allowing any spaceship powered by such device if not travel trough time like a time machine but at least bent space and time around it shortening the travel distance in thousands of times and enabling it appear of nowhere like many UFO observers reported.
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