HiTension [ Hi Tension singing ] Top of The Pops
Pioneering British, Brit Funk Band Hi Tension. 1978 was a Great year for Soul Music
Hi-Tension were a British band based in North London, seen as pioneers of Brit funk. The band started out as Hott Waxx in the early 1970s. They included Phil Fearon (Galaxy and Kandidate) and Lloyd Phillips (Kandidate), brother of guitarist Paul, before becoming Hi-Tension and riding high on the Brit funk wave with the tracks, "Hi Tension" and "British Hustle".

The group was composed of brothers Paul McLean (lead guitar) and Patrick McLean (saxophone); brothers David Joseph (keyboards/lead vocals) and Ken Joseph (bass guitar); uncle and nephew Jeffrey Guishard (percussion/lead vocals) and Leroy Williams (congas); Paul Phillips (rhythm guitar/vocals), David Reid (drums) and Courtney Pine (saxophone on tour).

Pioneering British, Brit Funk Band Hi Tension. 1978 was a Great year for Soul Music, Hi Tension exploded onto the scene from nowhere, and changed British Soul Rnb Music scene forever with killer dance floor Hit's, Hi Tension British Hustle.The first Tv appearance was march 1978 with a live session on the TV programme Black Current.  Boy Bands similar to Hitension including Light of the World, Beggars and co, Incognito, Central Line, Atmosfear, Haircut 100..and many more.


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Hi Tension singing "HiTension" Top of The Pops Jazz Funk


Hi Tension British Hustle Blackcurrent UK, Soul Train

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