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Hitler, Stalin, Mao, The Rothschilds & British Royal Family Connections!!
The popularization of Area Studies in the USA during the Cold War was driven by international political considerations, in particular the need to produce knowledge about so-called enemy countries – communist states. As the political systems of the major representatives of the communist bloc - USSR, China, North Korea – developed the phenomenon of personality cults, it consequently became an important subject for Area Studies scholars, as well as its new concept. They approached this phenomenon through multidisciplinary culturally and historically contextualized studies instead of applying macro-historical theories based on the Western experience (Szanton, 2002: 5-11).

Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the unlikely connections they had to the Rothschilds and British Royal Family are explored in a mind bending interview with Greg Hallett. WWII and the rearrangement of global power in the 20th century, the Royal Almanac of Gotha, and the continuing conspiracy of power and bloodlines through the modern day is illuminated. Fake heirs and body doubles--from Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, to Prince William and Prince Harry are revealed, plus the future technology being used now to keep the masses oppressed is laid out in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.
                                                                                                                               Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.                                                                                                                                                                                  Tupac Shakur       

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, The Rothschilds & British Royal Family Connections

ASPD: The Psychopath, Sociopath, & How to Spot Them
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James P. Wickstrom (1942-2018) was an American radio talk show host, Christian minister, white supremacist and antisemite who lived in Linwood, Michigan.[1] He was known for his many strong right-wing opinions; he was intensely anti-communist and denounced those whom he perceived to be communists, such as Barack Obama (and Nelson Mandela, whose death he rejoiced over in 2013, describing him as a "vile black terrorist"). He frequently advocated the mass murder of Jews, non-European Americans, homosexuals, drug addicts, and race traitors, in accordance with the beliefs of the Christian Identity movement.[2] He was a founding member of the racist, anti-semitic, anti-government Posse Comitatus movement.[3][4] Mudered march 2018

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Dr. James P. Wickstrom - Part 1

The Psychopath & The Sociopath: A Masterclass
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 Why CHINESE JESUS still TERRIFIES Communist China

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