Hôpital Vétérinaire du Suroît Complaint
This story credit goes to Bianca Godin (Facebook)

Quote:Understaffed and not prepared for emergency situations. I arrived there with a very sick kitten who had began having seizures, when I arrived the vet told me any tests she could do would not be available before 24 hours as she was all alone. Never offered any medication to help control the kittens seizures. I was told to call DMV for a neurologist (only available in March). She told me she could give the kitten fluids but couldn't help us more than that as it was surely not a good prognoses and seemed neurological. She then told me to think about it while she went greet the family who came in with a dog who had what looked like a small leg wound. I left not knowing where to turn with a dying kitten. I am beyond devastated that my kitten suffered and to top all of this off we were still charged 220$ for the visit. I even called them in the middle of the night because the kitten was still having convulsions, they told me it would be another 195$ consultation fee for fluids.
Everything happens for a reason.
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