Hotel Ruby Foo's - what a nightmare
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After the hot water was turned off at my place. I searched for a moderately priced hotel for the night. I came across a good deal at the Ruby Foo's Hotel situated at 7655 Decarie in Montreal. I asked for a room away from the elevator prior to check-in and when I got there, the room (#177) was 10 feet away from it. With the walls paper thin, I could hear people getting on and off the elevator. After being in my room for 2 hours, I decided to take a shower. As I walked to the bathroom, I was interrupted by 2 guys coming into my room. The front desk idiot booked them into my room. To make matters worse, I was naked. Who double books a room within 2 hours? I immediately call downstairs and did not even get an apology. I also should not have had to ask about the wifi password which should be mentioned at check-in. There is room service with no menu. There is no Do Not Disturb signs available which may have stopped the unwanted room mate problem. I pressed the wake up call button on the phone and nobody answered. Luckily the idiot at the front desk did. My wake up call came the next morning 15 minutes early. The phone did not work for local outgoing calls. I called idiot at the desk again and he was no help. He told me to dial 9 and the area code and the number which I had already done. Morning comes and I get some breakfast and carry it to my room. My key doesn't work. Idiot must have re-activated it when he gave my room to other people why I am still in it. Back downstairs again to get a new key with my meal outside my room. There is no late check out which is 11:00 AM and not noon. There is no reward program in place. The only plus is free parking. I highly recommend this place NOT to stay at.

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