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DesmondHow to create your own Promissory Notes - Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger explains how he successfully created and paid the banks with his own promissory notes. Please pay close attentions to the details - you can download a copy of the generic Promissory Note on the UBUNTU Party Website. Click on the note to open the text box and fill in your own details - You may need to change the legal data on the top right, based on the country you are in. PLEASE DO NOT pay other people or businesses with your notes - they are meant for BANK and Government departments only. 

Do not take your NOTES into a bank and attempt to pay it to the teller - they are not trained to deal with it and will send you away. Follow the instructions in the video.

               We may stumble and fall but shall rise again; it should be enough if we did not run away from the battle.

                                                                                                                                                    Mahatma Gandhi

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