I feel free [1967] Cream
Cream blended rock, blues, psychedelic rock, and a hint of jazz to create a unique sound.
Cream, British rock trio that was the first “supergroup” (made up of musicians who had achieved fame independently before coming together as a band). Cream blended rock, blues, psychedelic rock, and a hint of jazz to create a unique sound. It was known for dexterous live improvisations that often turned into extended jam sessions. The members were Eric Clapton (b. March 30, 1945, Ripley, Surrey, England), Jack Bruce (b. May 14, 1943, Lanarkshire, Scotland—d. October 25, 2014, Suffolk, England), and Ginger Baker (b. August 19, 1939, London, England—d. October 6, 2019).

Cream was formed in 1966 while Clapton was still the lead guitarist of the prominent British blues band John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. Before that he had been the lead guitarist of the Yardbirds (Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page [later of Led Zeppelin] would follow him in that position). Clapton was approached by drummer Baker to form a group focused on expanding the blues-jazz sound. Clapton accepted the invitation with the caveat that Bruce play bass guitar. Despite the long-standing hostility between Bruce and himself, Baker reluctantly agreed, and the three musicians formed Cream. The band’s beginning marked the end of Clapton’s Bluesbreakers’ stint. Before forming Cream, Baker and Bruce had already gained fame as members of British blues musician Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated and later as members of the popular Graham Bond Organisation, a jazz and rhythm-and-blues outfit. Bruce and Pete Brown, a poet who was sometimes called Cream’s fourth member, wrote most of band’s lyrics.

                                                                                        Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Carl Jung

Cream - I feel free (1967)

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