I've Been Scammed - kijiji.ca
I'm a victim of fraud,  It all started with trying to find a air-conditioner on Montreal's classified section of Kijiji. I responded to a guy named Eli 514-207-5516. We exchanged messages on Kijiji I finally was happy because he even offered free delivery for an air-conditioner 10,000btu for 100$ (cash). He arrived the same day on the 22 may, 2018 at 700pm. I went down stairs met up with him and gave him 100$ and i took the air-conditioner upstairs without thinking to try it in my apartment before handing him over the money. The next day i installed it and that's when i realized there was no cold air coming from it. I had left it running for approx 6 hours with still no cold air coming out of it. I tried emailing him back to tell him it's not working and I tried calling him a few times but he did not answer. 
Attention be warned and be careful do not respond to his ads. 


He also removed his ad


Everything happens for a reason.
You shall reap what you sow.
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