Kijiji stop animal ads
Quote:Credit goes to ---> Barbara Lapointe
Montreal, Canada

Oct 11, 2019 — 
Kijiji and puppy mills. Again.

Dozens of dogs seized from alleged puppy mill transferred to Edmonton Humane Society care.

"The raid followed several reports of serious neglect from customers looking to purchase puppies, who had been listed for sale online via Kijiji for between $1,200 and $2,400" cites Edmonton CTV News.

Puppy mills and unethical breeders may continue to exist even if Kijiji Canada stops the commercial sale of animals on its site, but at least Kijiji would not give them an easy platform to thrive on. Secondhand marketplaces such as, OfferUp,, letgoCanada and Craigslist do not allow profiting from the commercial sale of animals on their sites. As the leader of classifieds sites in Canada, Kijiji should set an example and exclude breeders from selling animals on its website, sending the message that animals should not be sold as just another item via classified ads.
In the words of signer Joanne Marsh "Kijiji: Stop the ads, change this world!"

continue reading by clicking on the url below concerning kijiji banning animal ads
Everything happens for a reason.
You shall reap what you sow.
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