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Lavalife - LiveChatLounge - Telematch - Rippoff - Montreal - Quebec
We ended up purchasing a block of time hoping to meet local single women in our local area by dialing (514-840-2900) a Montreal phone number, we were very disappointed and charged to listen to live recorded messages of ladies whom were selling themselves as prostitutes that lived Approximately 1000 KM away (in the USA) NOT even in Canada.

We also heard that, Telematch (514-341-1001, 514-768-6666, 1-866-934-1110) shares the same telephone trunk with the following chat-lines.... 
Lavalife Voice (514-840-2900), 
Nightline (1.877.834.4044), 
Grapevine Personals (1-877-242-8810), 
The Night Exchange (1-866-917-8328), 
QuestChat (1-888-298-5533), 
LiveChatLounge (1-877-242-8815) 

Aside from being ripped off, there are no single women online in Quebec... along with what the chatline is charging and the amount you pay for it, simply doesn't add up to the described Local Chat Services

Phone daters, be warned ! ! !
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I totally agree with you Sam! Waste of money as nobody is ever on in Canada!
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Everything happens for a reason.
You shall reap what you sow.
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