Loblaws has competition on its hands
Not far from me there is a Loblaws grocery store in Lasalle Montreal Quebec and personally business does not seem to be doing all that great. The parking lot always seems empty in the evening and due to it not being that busy I have only seen 1 cashier on the floor every time with perhaps only 1 to 2 people max in line and each time i have gone it's always been quiet in the evening once a week where as the competitors in the same exact location literally in the same parking lot seem to be booming of customers at this exact time  In this huge parking lot here are the main competitors for example on the right side is Walmart  directly in front is the Dollarama, Giant Tiger and one block away there is a Maxi. A company like Loblaws grocery store could be doing so much better especially in this area if they would lower their prices. Also in this area over the last 3 years within 3 blocks of distance there have been a huge increase of residents due to the enormous expansion of several massive condos built in the area.  

Who ever runs or manages this particular Loblaws needs to perhaps redo his/her math class especially when comparing Loblaws over priced food to the neighbouring competitors in this particular area.  I have even spoke to many people over the years in this area who travel by foot and they have all said they prefer to shop elsewhere to save money due to Loblaws prices to be unreasonably high.

Everything happens for a reason.
You shall reap what you sow.
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