MADA Community Center - underpaid job
Average Computer Network Technician Salary in Montreal, Quebec is approx C$25.00hr but the job that is hiring MADA (6875 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H3W 3E4) in question below is only paying 13.50hr  Angry  How is MADA getting away with paying a skilled worker at minimum salary  Huh

Quote:MADA is looking for a Computer Network Technician to work the rest of the summer at MADA in conjunction with the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

As required by the program, the candidate must be between 15 and 30 and a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident.  35 hours per week at $13.50 per hour.

Priority will be given to those studying in the field of IT or with previous IT work experience.

If interested, please send your CV to email (click here)

For more information on the program, copy url below.

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