Man Sues Teflon Company Over Parrots' Deaths
           A man sues a Teflon company over his parrots' death.

  Parrots are among the most popular pets all over the world. One German man is taking a dispute to court      after his parrots died. The male believes his parrots abruptly passed away from Teflon fumes. He claims        that both birds died after he opened the oven get a pizza out, which has been residing on a new Teflon-        coated drip-tray. The man says that he didn't realize that Teflon pans could release fumes which could be 

  especially harmful to birds when he    purchased  the new kitchen addition. He has taken the shop that sold      him the tray and the manufacturer to court. A judge has asked for    an expert's opinion on the dangers of    Teflon fumes.

  This isn't the first bizarre lawsuit. Last year, a man in China won $120,000 in a lawsuit against his former        wife. He claimed the woman had lured him into marriage under 'false pretenses'. He realized that his      beautiful wife had undergone approximately $90,000 in plastic surgery to improve her looks prior to meeting       him. He discovered the news when their baby was born and he thought the infant    was 'ugly'.

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