Montreal shelters refuse homeless people with pets
Animals are denied access at Montreal homeless shelters. Everybody remembers the story about a  Montreal homeless man who had no shelter to go to one night and his dog froze in his arms! Cold temperatures mean an animals life is at risk during winter! Many homeless people in Montreal and their companion animals aren't welcome in shelters. 

Quebec Government Funding should be removed from any homeless shelter that refuses to allow pets! Quebec citizens should raise their voices and stop donating to shelters until they open there doors to homeless people with animals.

[Image: Homeless-in-Montreal-min-493x300.jpg]

 Dog freezes to death in Montreal homeless man's arms!!! Animals should never be turned away from shelters like these Welcome Hall Mission, Old Brewery Mission and The Salvation Army (etc..)!!!

Thanks everyone for reading, share this on social media and please let's get the word out.
Everything happens for a reason.
You shall reap what you sow.
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