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MarkNo Puppy Mills Canada - Kijiji Boycott

Boycott (which is a fully owned subsidiary of eBay)  Kijiji Canada needs to Shut Down the Adoption and Sale of Pets! We have to speak loud and clear on behalf of the animals. We can do it, but not without your help. Please, spread the word, for the love of animals, share this on Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc.


Remember Craigslist closed down their pet section years ago, after a public outcry! Kijiji should follow suit in order to protect animals!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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An email was sent to Kijiji today concerning the Animal Section Ads, we are still waiting for a response from them  Cool 


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Classified site Kijiji has not yet responded about the selling of animals ads on its site despite consumer complaints and posted all over social media.

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