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ORQUESTA DE LA LUZ salsa caliente del japon
"SALSA CALIENTE DEL JAPON" was a big hit for this great orchestra. The ORQUESTA DE LA LUZ was formed in Tokyo as a unique Japanese Salsa band around 1984. The lead singer NORA went to New York with a demo tape looking for an opportunity in the Big Apple around 1989. The first NY tour was so successful that the band had a chance to release their US debut album "DE LA LUZ (Salsa Caliente del Japon)" through BMG Victor in Japan and RMM in US in 1990, which received the Gold Disc Award and hit No.1 on the Billboard Latin Salsa Chart and remained for 11 consecutive weeks in the billboard hit parade. From that point on the band visited many Latin and non-Latin countries for several years. 

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