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Montrealers Helping Montrealers this Facebook group was created to encourage acts of Kindness and be of service between one to another. Based in Montréal Quebec, and designed for Montrealers to help Montrealers, this group provides its members with the opportunity to connect with and receive jobs, needed services, recommendations, cash prizes, restaurent night out’s and even gift cards for just about everything from school supplies to summer clothing. ^ the above paragraph was written by the Admins of Helping Montrealers ^

Any type of donation is welcome with open arms! Here in Quebec we have hundreds of businesses so with that in mind if you can please help out it will make a huge difference in history in regards to peoples lives. It's the one place anyone can ask for help and not be judged and people all helping. Below, we kindly share a list of both contact details on who volunteerly organized this wonderful Facebook page.

For any type of Donations Facebook contact info is below

Jeremy Lasry
Leah Lasry

If you are already a member of Facebook then please copy and paste link below into browser to join  Heart

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