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Planet X or Nibiru
Following the discovery of the planet Neptune in 1846, there was considerable speculation that another planet might exist beyond its orbit. The search began in the mid-19th century and continued at the start of the 20th with Percival Lowell's quest for Planet X. Lowell proposed the Planet X hypothesis to explain apparent discrepancies in the orbits of the giant planets, particularly Uranus and Neptune,[1] speculating that the gravity of a large unseen ninth planet could have perturbed Uranus enough to account for the irregularities.[2]

                                                                           We're in very bad trouble if we don't understand the planet we're trying to save.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Carl Sagan

Blog from UfoMegaCon on Planet X-Pole Shift

The final days. Flying projector rushes to hide eclipse. Objects behind the sun! 2-26-2020


July 9, 2016

You've Never Seen A Star Do This - The Water above
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