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Please never delete threads, posts or replies
(2020-Jun-18-4:06 pm)Desmond Wrote:
(2020-Jun-18-4:01 pm)Desmond Wrote:
(2020-Jun-17-9:56 am)Desmond Wrote:
(2020-Jan-5-11:13 pm)Admin Wrote: Never delete threads, posts or replies. Sadly i see this happen so many times on many websites where they delete everything.
Honestly please keep everything on here so that it can help others out there on the internet with the same exact questions or problems.
Thank You  yay
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1 week ago
@CanadaCommunity Org the thread was removed. It says invalid     

                                                            [BACKUP'S  MUST BE DELETED]

If you want to let those rats off the hook it's okay with me, that's why I stopped posting  I got the message! 

We the people are now at war with the global mafia known as the illuminati:
1.They have orchestrated a pandemic by funding a biowarfare lab in China to release a virus.
2. They control the 6 corporations that own all news stations in the USA, and others around the world which have been propagating fear constantly.
3. They are the Royal family in the UK who murdered princess Diana.
4. They own the central bank which funds their operations (Rothschild bank), exists in pretty much every country.
5. They own Hollywood; they project ideas through films into the minds of the masses - subliminal programming.
6. They own mainstream music industry - artists are puppets who hypnotise and dumb down the masses with sonic frequency.
7. They own the W.H.O and CDC who have inflated figures to create fear and illusion throughout this plandemic.
8. They own YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon - they deplatform anyone who speaks the truth.
9. They have infiltrated government and FBI, in the UK It’s MI5. They have people in high intelligence roles to do their bidding.
10. They own companies in the telecoms industry who have created 5G technology to weaponise it.
11. They control the pharmaceutical industry and plan for vaccine agendas.
12. They have funded all wars since WW1 - they own the military industrial complex and create wars on purpose.
13. They orchestrated 9/11.
14. They have used previous presidents to do their bidding, and they use current people in power to do this now.
15. They put fluoride in the water to lower the IQ of of the populous.
16. They spray chemtrails into the atmosphere to lace it with metals - which we absorb.
17. They own and control the pornography industry and sexualise cartoons to corrupt young minds. 
18. They fund human and child trafficking rings, as the people in this cult are psychopaths - they feed off of the energy of suffering.
19. They plan things far in advance, and they hide it all in plain sight - symbols embedded into popular events.
20. They worship satan - a deity of power and no mercy.

You know where I stand take it or leave it!
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Thanks given by:

@"Desmond"  No Government involved.

Many posts from Rants & Raves somehow vanished in the last 3 weeks from the database. Like I mentioned in my previous post I never deleted anything so it could of been a bug in the software. Nobody has hacked this site and nobody else has Admin permissions so I am guessing it's a bug that hasn't yet been discovered by MyBB.
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@"Desmond" But its fine to continue using this site to post. Specially when the database is backed up everyday.
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