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Quote:POF must be a joke. As soon as I was on there three scammers surfaced real fast. Hard to believe. Asking for money right away. Since then I have been receiving bogus, 'get to know me' messages. I have not dealt with them for a long time. Russian, who knows what else. They are also discriminatory and chose the age groups one can contact. That is quite a nasty if you ask me. I am not trolling for children but I do prefer to make my own decisions. Nope, these people have a parochial attitude that is disgusting. And the women have been on the site for literally ages. They are not interested in mutual correspondence at all. Mind games mostly.

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andy of Fairbanks, AK on April 9, 2017

Quote:I've been on and off POF for about 2 years. In this time I find that most of the women on this site just want a free meal or looking for someone to support them. I find that most of the women don't read your profile. They just look at your pictures. Then there are those that don't look anything like their profile pictures. My thing be upfront about who you are and what your intentions are and allow me to decide if I want to travel down that road. Ladies if you're looking for real you have to be real yourselves.

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Raymond of Clearwater, FL on April 3, 2017

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Fake Plenty of Fish account; the results are shocking

Quote:I made a fake PoF account; the results are shocking

Well, not that shocking, I guess. For some reason, I've been fascinated with online dating recently. I've done it before, and met some really cool people, but it's been weighing heavily on my mind after a discussion with a co-worker. He thought he wasn't getting any responses simply because there is too much competition. I was inclined to think that may just be a part of it, so I did an informal experiment to see how many men tried to contact a woman given only basic information about her.

With the permission of a female friend, I made a fake account using her pictures. It's against the PoF rules, but I figure it's not harmful since I won't be conversing with anyone, or leading anyone on, or doing any kind of sociopathic nonsense of the sort. I set the age at 24, 5' 7" tall, average body type, brown hair, blue eyes, non-smoker, looking for LTR. I uploaded three pictures that I would rank as 7/10. Not bad looking, but not extremely attractive either. I left the "About Me" section purposely ambiguous and pretty much empty ("It's making me wright something in this space" is all it says).

I so far have come away with two results from this experiment, the first being the massive number of messages I have received. The profile went public at 8pm on Thursday. It's now 4pm on Saturday, and as of writing this the profile has received a total of 70 messages. So 1.6 messages per hour, or very roughly one message every 45 minutes. I've been checking it regularly (hey, you have something better I can do while home sick?), and the number of messages has yet to slow down. It could be that PoF places some kind of priority on new accounts, perhaps bumping them to the top of a search result, increasing the likelihood of connecting with someone. 

All of the men are local, and for the most part the profile pictures look to be in the appropriate age range (early 20's up to 30). I haven;t taken the time to check everyone's profile. The race of the men is what is to be expected for this area; mixed, mostly White. The content of the messages is downright embarrassing. Barely anyone has made any attempt at standing out from the crowd, the exception being two. One was an ill attempt at humor, joking about running away to elope. The other was someone who mentioned that they too didn't like filling out the profile info. The vast majority where simply "hey" or "whats up", a handful introduced themselves, and another handful complimented the pictures. Besides the two noted exceptions, none of the messages are over 10 words long. So far none have been sexual, which is in and of itself a shock.

Now, this may all have seemed pointless, and, well, I guess it kind of was! But it did offer me some insight into the other side (ie, the female perspective) of online dating websites. Also, it kept my mind off of this cold.

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Posted on: 03-02-2013, 05:07 PM
By: mrjowee
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