Propaganda & Phony Society~Mindless Satanic HOLLYWOOD
The Carnival allowed people to behave freely — to be themselves.
Masks are dangerous; they don’t merely hide but transform who we are. We become who we impersonate. 

The reason why the Venetian Carnival encouraged the use of masks is not what you think. The official celebration began in 1296 as a way to give people, especially the lower classes, a time for fun. Masks guaranteed total anonymity: leveling the social divisions. The Carnival allowed people to behave freely — to be themselves. Inspired by ancient Greek and Roman festivals, the purpose of masks was to make everyone feel equal. Citizens could safely mock authority and aristocracy in public. But, the intent to vent tensions and discontentment, caused a surprising effect. Masks gave permission for people to free their darkest side. 

Soon, hiding one’s identity became the perfect disguise for theft and physical attacks. After sunset, the Venetian Carnival turned into something more sinister: attackers could freely commit robberies or indecent acts. Masks are tricky: they hide your identity but not your true-self.

Civil society, a web of informal relationships that exist independently of government institutions or business organizations, is the social adhesive necessary to hold divergent communities of interest together into democratic societies. The future of civil society in America and elsewhere is uncertain, even gloomy.$/search?q=HOLLYWOOD%20Hollywood%20not.%20Children%20trafficking%20Celine%20Dion%20and%20Satanic%20sickness%20runs%20the%20show.

                                                                                   I have very poor and unhappy brains for drinking: I could well 
                                                                                 wish courtesy would invent some other custom of entertainment
                                                                                                                                  William Shakespeare

Phony Society~Propaganda & Mindless Entertainment Jacque Fresco

F#CK HOLLYWOOD AND THEIR SATANIC CHILD RAPING WAYS. Child And Human Trafficking Needs To End; And Those Responible Need To Hang!!!

Celine Dion - Satan`s Servant

HOLLYWOOD Hollywood not. Children trafficking Celine Dion and Satanic sickness runs the show.. 👹🤯☠🙉
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