Public Health Threats & Pandemic scare brewing as cabal faces doom/Benjamin Fulford
The perpetrators are now being arrested finally!
The year 2015 may be the most complicated influenza year in history. So many new types of flu, including highly infectious strains, have emerged that public health officials around the world are racing to keep up with the viruses and spot the dangers they may pose. A hallmark of the year is forms of influenza normally found in birds that seem capable of infecting people, with high lethality.

A pandemic scare is looming as airplanes in multiple countries reported to be full of “diseased” people are landing and being put in quarantine.  However, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) sources say the incidents all appear to be fake ones involving crisis actors.

The pandemic scare comes as the execution of U.S. Senator John McCain sent shock waves through Khazarian mafia ranks, who are now activating all their resources in a desperate move to save themselves.  Thus, this pandemic scare may be something like a schoolboy calling in a bomb threat to his school in order to avoid an exam he is going to fail.

However, it is also possible the U.S. military-industrial establishment may be preparing a pandemic scare as a cover to stop all airline flights worldwide in order to prevent Khazarian mafia from escaping, as over 51,000 sealed indictments begin to be acted upon.
                                                                                              by Benjamin Fulford, September 10th, 2018

                                                                                                            Iron deficiency anemia is a global pandemic!
                                                                                                                                                                                  Steven Magee

Benjamin Fulford World Events - April 15, 2020 update from Tokyo 


September 10th 2018 Pandemic scare brewing as cabal faces doom/Benjamin Fulford 
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