Raphial Morgado MYT Engine Inventor
It's surprising manufacturers are still producing gas guzzlers.
Imagine dumping the big V-8 in your SUV for a 25-pound, 2.4 liter engine that gives you 150 miles per gallon on biodiesel – with a boost in horsepower and torque to boot. Meet Raphial Morgado and the little engine that could. With up to 40 times the power to weight ratio of a conventional engine, flexible fuel compatibility, a displacement of 850 cubic inches and the torque of a 32-cylinder engine, the MYT engine is the beginning of a new paradigm for engines in the 21st century.

What Morgado has developed is a completely new type of rotary engine that puts the torque of a conventional piston-engine into a rotary design. How did he do it? Well, imagine a Rotax engine with 8 or 16 chambers instead of three. Morgado’s design is radically more advanced than this, but the basic principle applies. He dubbed it the “Massive Yet Tiny”, but around the shop everybody just calls it “MYT”, or the “Mighty Engine”.

A 25 lb, 7 inch, MYT engine should give 200 hp at 150 mpg of biofuel, (up to 500 hp with super or turbo charging) and the biofuel, or diesel fuel, also is the lubricant, no oil needed.


                                                                     If you have to improve your fuel efficiency every year, it leads to innovation.
                                         Alan Mulally

MYT Engine Inventor Raphial Morgado

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