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William Maher (/mɑːr/; born January 20, 1956)[2] is an American comedian, political commentator, and television host. He is known for the HBO political talk show Real Time with Bill Maher (2003–present) and the similar late-night show called Politically Incorrect, originally on Comedy Central and later on ABC.

Maher is known for his sarcastic attitude,[3] political satire, and sociopolitical commentary. He targets many topics including religion, politics, bureaucracypolitical correctness, and the mass media.[4]
Maher supports the legalization of cannabis and same-sex marriage. His critical views of religion were the basis for the 2008 documentary film Religulous. He is a supporter of animal rights, having served on the board of PETA since 1997,[5]and is an advisory board member of Project Reason.[6][7] In 2005, Maher ranked at number 38 on Comedy Central's 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time.[8] He received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star on September 14, 2010.[9
                                                                                Laughter is your response to what you find humorous, and often it mirrors who you are. 
                                                                                                                                                                                               Sandra V. Abell
Real Time with Bill Maher 10/20/17 | October 20, 2017 (HBO)Playarty83                                                          
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