Researchers exploit rhythm of DNA REPLICATION to kill cancer cells/eye opening
The cell possesses the distinctive property of division, which makes replication of DNA essential.
In molecular biology, DNA replication is the biological process of producing two identical replicas of DNA from one original DNA molecule. DNA replication occurs in all living organisms acting as the basis for biological inheritance. The cell possesses the distinctive property of division, which makes replication of DNA essential.

DNA is made up of a double helix of two complementary strands. During replication, these strands are separated. Each strand of the original DNA molecule then serves as a template for the production of its counterpart, a process referred to as semiconservative replication. As a result of semi-conservative replication, the new helix will be composed of an original DNA strand as well as a newly synthesized strand. Cellular proofreading and error-checking mechanisms ensure near perfect fidelity for DNA replication.

Human cells divide and create new cells throughout life. In this process, a steady—even rhythmic—supply of DNA building blocks is needed to create new DNA. Now researchers from the University of Copenhagen are the first to show exactly how human cells regulate this process so it does not fail and cause illness. The researchers also show how they can manipulate the rhythm and suggest how this can be used in the future to kill cancer cells.

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Cell division, DNA replication and how mistakes can cause cancer

Some Truths You Probably Don't Really Want to Hear! (an eye opening video)

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