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Rogue corporations and the loss of control!
  My name is Peter. I was born in 1970 in the small district town of Brezno in the former Czechoslovakia. In 1988 I emigrated abroad where I have been living ever since. Since 1988 I am active in a special military service. Since 1990 I am a member of the ACIO. I am currently the director of the 12th Division dealing with residency of extraterrestrials, hybrids and crossbreads on the Earth.

01-29-2020 Disclosures with Peter the Insider - Q&A and Kobe Bryant death

How did the drugs get here in the first place?
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Women's Human Rights, The Atrocities 2019 09 11 205945

A Conversation with Sacha Stone | Personal Freedom & Sovereignty

Bases 102 part 4 Julie Phelps SSP War Corona Crisis

The final days. Mass exodus of world's elites. Boarding the ark, visible on FAA cameras. 3-19-2020
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