Rolls-Royce future drone ship shore control centre
How will this benefit humanity?
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited is a British luxury automobile maker. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited operates from purpose-built administrative and production facilities opened in 2003 across from the historic Goodwood Circuit in GoodwoodWest Sussex, England, United Kingdom. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited is the exclusive manufacturer of Rolls-Royce branded motor cars since 2003. The BBC called Rolls-Royce "probably one of the most recognised icons in the world", and that "the name Rolls-Royce entered the English language as a superlative." A marketing survey in 1987 showed that only Coca-Cola was a more widely known brand than Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce presents a vision of a future land-based control centre in which a small crew of 7 to 14 people monitor and control a fleet of remote controlled and autonomous vessels across the world. The crew uses interactive smart screens, voice recognition systems, holograms and surveillance drones to monitor what is happening both on board and around the ship. 

Remote and autonomous ships are one of three elements of the company’s innovative Ship Intelligence strategy, which will enable customers to transform their marine businesses by harnessing the power of big data.

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Rolls Royce future shore control centre

Rolls Royce Drone Ship - Shore Control Centre - BTF

Rolls-Royce Robotic Virtual Bridge Concept Shipping
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