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Service on métro is down almost everyday. What's new and what's next ???
The eastbound Green Line train ground to a halt between Lionel Groulx and Atwater stations and passengers evacuated the train in the tunnel, walking to the nearby Atwater platform.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017 13:50 Update 
Thursday, 23 February 2017 13:50

Class action against STM delays

Michael Simkin filed a class action application for his client, Marion Croteau, to be compensated for delays in the STM.

A Montreal woman filed an application for a class action against the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) in order to be compensated for all the inconveniences caused by bus and subway delays. The value of this share could exceed $ 10 million.

If the court accepts the appeal as presented, hundreds of thousands of people may be eligible for compensation. All individuals who have purchased monthly securities at the STM since March 2014 and who have experienced service delays may be eligible.

The instigator of this recourse, Marion Croteau, hopes to be reimbursed the equivalent of 15% of all its transport tickets that she bought since May 2015 as well as the amounts of her taxi races because of the subway delays and Of buses.

In the document filed with the court on Thursday, she said she suffered several injuries caused by delays in the STM, such as missed professional appointments, delays in her work and the obligation to regularly rearrange her journey with taxis.

"We will try to count all the prejudices of the people who will contact us. That will allow us to estimate the overall amount that we will be requesting. But it's going to be over $ 10 million, "said Michael Simkin, counsel for Ms. Croteau.

It will be known within a year if the appeal is accepted by the court.

"It's a bit more complex than a case involving just one person who is suing," said Simkin, who also pilots the pink tax lawsuit filed on February 14.

Not the first resort

This is not the first class action filed against a transit authority.

In 2009, an application was made to compensate AMT users who suffered significant delays in the Deux-Montagnes and Vaudreuil-Hudson lines. The appeal had finally been settled amicably.

The RAPLIQ also brought a class action in 2015 against the STM and the AMT because the metro stations are not sufficiently accessible to people with reduced mobility.

"Often, recourse is to change a problematic practice. The problem with the STM is that they do not have a complaint policy for users in the event of delays in service, "adds Simkin.
Mrs Croteau and the STM did not wish to comment on this appeal.
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